Monday, August 17, 2009

Bukra fe mish mish

Translation: Tomorrow there will be apricots.
This very common Arab proverb is quoted to people pining for what could be. Tomorrow your dreams will be realized. Tomorrow your ship will come in. Kind of along the lines of ‘the grass is greener on the other side’. Well, as a foreigner living in a very different culture it would be very easy for me to live my days hoping for what will come tomorrow.

Tomorrow the grocery store will have peanut butter.
Tomorrow no one will stare at me when I do or say something ‘totally American’.
Tomorrow I won’t have to push to the front of a ‘line’ because there will be a line for me to stand in and wait my turn.
Tomorrow there will be apricots.

I commit to enjoying each 'today'. The only way to get our apricots today is to laugh. My dad always says if it’s going to be funny later, it might as well be funny now! I’ll take my apricots today!

So, that’s the motivation for this blog. Hope you’ll enjoy the funny day to day things that happened to us during our many years living in the Middle East.

There are some real zinger stories! Especially the time I accidentally became the bridesmaid in a wedding! Or the time 25 Arab men came to my rescue when I hit a parked car on a two lane street that had turned into a five lane street with parking on the side! I really had my apricots that day!
I hope you can laugh at life here and get a picture of the delightful, beautifully different Arab culture where we have the privilege of living. And by the way…we even had apricots for dinner today!

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