Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog-a-versary (Free Stuff Involved!)

You may have noticed I have been a little slim on the blogging these days. My family and I are enjoying a much needed vacay and I have really tried to un-plug! (Although, my addiction to Facebook gets the better of me sometimes)

Don't worry! I still have a lot of funnies rolling around in my head. Apricot Lady is still in business!

An important milestone is approaching: I have been blogging for one whole year! I know, most established bloggers have been around for a whole lot longer than that. But here is to celebrating my blog and the fact that all the funny adventures our family finds ourselves in are getting documented. I love getting my reader reports each week and am amazed at how many people actually read about our (mis)adventures. Glad we can supply you with a bit of humor!

So, in honor of my one year blog-a-versary...I have some give-aways...straight from the Middle East!

You know those great Moroccan-inspired tunics that everyone is wearing these days? Want one? Looks great with jeans or leggings. One size fits all.

Love all-natural products? How about 100% olive oil soap? This stuff really does amazing things to your skin. And for all the hubby loves to shave with this stuff.

Finally, a home-made creation from the cute ladies I work with. A basket made from newspaper.

Here is how you can win one of those items: A blog quiz!

Simply post the answer to these questions in the comments section (don't forget to put your email address so I can contact you if you win).

  1. What does the young Bedouin shepherd gal carry with her each morning as she walks her herd through Apricot Lady's neighborhood?
  2. What does Apricot Lady call the four (sometimes three) legged creatures that feed off her trash?
  3. What was Apricot Lady's New Year's Resolution for 2010?

I will draw the winners randomly from a hat on Aug 17th (the official anniversary!) and will contact you if you are a winner. You have to get all three questions right, and there will be three winners. Have fun!

*Disclaimer: I have no idea what I am supposed to write in a disclaimer. But, every contest has one, so I have to write one, right? I hereby disclaim that there will only be one unique winner per item. And I will only send within the continental US. I guess Alaska and Hawaii are fine. And Guam too.


Congratualtions to the winners!

Megan won the tunic!

Rose won the soap!

Sarah won the basket!